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Local SEO


Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website in a specific local area. If you have a local business such as a restaurant, shop, etc. then local SEO will help you to reach your website at your targeted local place. Local SEO is making sure that through your website local people can connect with you online as well as offline.

If you optimize for local searches, you focus on letting Google know — through all kinds of signals — that your business is located in a certain area and wants to be found by customers in that area. Ground-rule these days is that it’s by far the easiest to optimize if you have a proper address in a region/city. This allows you to create local landing pages and help people find your shop with a store locator on your website.


Reach More Customers
The biggest benefit of doing it right is finding more customers. The main goal of SEO is to improve your business ranking in the search results.
Increase Traffic
All the traffic will not convert to sales, it is safe to say the more the merrier. More people visiting your site means the chances of selling your product also increases.
Business Growth
Concerted local SEO efforts are always directed towards bringing in more traffic while improving search engine rankings. This results in improved sales and marketing leads. Better sales bring in more interested customers, thus creating a self-sustaining cycle of business growth.
Reduce Cost Per Acquisition
A major advantage of SEO is that it is low cost compared to other marketing efforts like advertising. It is mostly free if you can do it yourself.

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